TRIAD - 2000H:


TRIAD - 2000H

The Triad - 2000H is a Three Degree of Freedom (3-DOF) hydraulic motion system. It utilizes three hydraulic actuators arranged in our patented design configuration.

This motion platform can be used in a wide variety of applications and is particularly well suited for entertainment. The rugged design and construction provides a versatile motion system that requires very little maintenance. It is intended to operate extensively for years of service.


Specifications Pitch Roll Heave
1. Excursions:
deg, in
31 27 8.3
2. Velocity:
deg/s, in/s
75 75 21
3. Acceleration:
deg/s/s, g
1400 1400 1.0
4. Payload: 2000 lbs
5. Base footprint: 43" W x 27" L
6. Height at rest: 23"
7. Weight: 300 lbs


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