TRIAD - 1200H:


TRIAD - 1200H

The Triad - 1200H is a small Three Degree of Freedom (3-DOF) hydraulic motion platform. It utilizes our patented design resulting in a compact package capable of providing exceptional excursions and performance.

The platform is intended to provide an effective solution for light payloads where a small base footprint is advantageous. It is constructed of welded steel box beam sections and structural steel. You can expect years of reliable service from this little "workhorse".


Specifications Pitch Roll Heave
1. Excursions:
deg, in
28 28 5.5
2. Velocity:
deg/s, in/s
90 90 18
3. Acceleration:
deg/s/s, g
2900 2900 1.5
4. Payload: 1200 lbs
5. Base footprint: 36" W x 32" L
6. Height at rest: 13"
7. Weight: 250 lbs


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