A partial listing of areas where STS has provided both services and equipment in the past include:

  • Design - Mechanical and Electrical Systems

  • Software Development and Mathematical Modeling

  • Equipment Fabrication

  • Installation and Start-Up Services

  • Instrumentation, Testing and Data Acquisition

  • Analysis, Investigations, Report Writing

  • Project Management

  • Materials, Metallurgy

  • Elasticity, Inelastic Behavior

  • Tribology

  • Hydraulics: Hydrostatic, Hydrodynamic Design

  • Facilities Design and Construction Management

Depending on the customer's needs STS has demonstrated competence in a broad range of technical disciplines. Matching project requirements to the correct level of expertise is important in controlling costs.


Custom designed and fabricated equipment for specialty application has resulted in several products that have potential for a variety of related uses. This equipment ranges from specialty motion systems to custom instrumentation testing and development in the flight simulation and rail industries. Check with us to determine if what we may have readily available can match your application.


The organizations that have used our services and equipment in the past include the following industries:

  • Passenger and Freight Service Railroads

  • Flight Simulation and Aircraft Manufacturers

  • Universities and Research Organizations

  • Commercial Advertising Companies

  • Film, Movie Making and Commercial Film Industries

  • Packaging and Automated Assembly Companies

  • Automotive Manufacturers

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

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