Sarnicola Technical Services (STS) was established in 1980 and has served the design and testing community faithfully during this period. It's partnership with Sarnicola Simulation Systems as the design and testing arm of that allied organization has proved to be beneficial to both organizations. Because of the many requests to service more varied customers requirements, it was deemed appropriate to make STS an autonomous and separate operation in order to better serve our customer base. Hence, this is to re-introduce you to Sarnicola Technical Services, and also to introduce ourselves to any new client that may have use of our services.


The primary thrust and intent of STS is to address unique and difficult engineering problems that require specialization or a concentrated effort that may not be available, or if available, in limited supply. There are specialized technical areas where we may be of value to your engineering design or test engineering effort. Years of experience in the Aerospace and Rail industries has been a unique combination resulting in a very useful "Cross Pollenization" of ideas and technologies.

STS would like the opportunity to explore how it might be of service to you. STS has demonstrated it's capability and expertise many times over the past years in design, develop and fabricating the necessary hardware and software systems to engineering problems with no commercially available solutions. The result being high fidelity hardware systems at a reasonable cost.


The typical approach is to have Dr. Sarnicola contact you to discuss and review the problem. After he has had time to evaluate the technical aspects and formulate a potential solution you will receive a short precise proposal outlining all of the pertinent aspects; including:

  • Scope of services

  • Special and/or custom conditions

  • Hardware to be provided

  • Software requirements

  • Delivery schedule

  • For services and an estimate for provided hardware


There is no cost for this consultation and evaluation. It has been our experience that the vast majority of our customers are knowledgeable or themselves experts in a particular discipline and can often clearly define their requirements in sufficient technical detail. Hence, no guessing on the requirements. As a result, STS has a very high proposal acceptance rate due to the close match between the customer request and the STS proposal.



Feel free to contact STS at any time to discuss your engineering problems and receive a prompt and detailed response.

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