HEXAD - 25,000H:


HEXAD - 25,000H

The Hexad - 25,000H is a custom designed motion platform with extended excursion and dynamic range for the small package size. Application oriented for special interior/exterior use. Special considerations were given to durability and complex motion generation. SSSI provided total turn-key installation, set-up and training. Roof top location for this particular unit, along with specialty piping and sensitive environmental conditions required special consideration and treatment. Unique payload requirements for sensitive equipment necessitated special design considerations for the intended application. In addition, safety and remote operation features were important customer requirements. As with SSSI platforms the custom designed "flying" deck and state of the art USB controller are standard features.


Specifications X Y Z Yaw Pitch Roll
1. Excursions:
in, deg
34 34 34 25 30 30
2. Velocity:
in/s, deg/s
30 30 30 100 100 100
3. Acceleration:
g, deg/s/s
1.5 1.5 1.5 200 180 180
4. Payload: 25,000 lbs
5. Base footprint: 160" W x 160" L
6. Height at rest: 102"
7. Weight: 3,700 lbs


Description Hi Resolution (.wmv) Lo Resolution (.wmv) Hi Resolution (.avi) Lo Resolution (.avi)
25,000H 654 kb 162 kb 1,593 kb 301 kb

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